You can see Troy in the newly released Australian feature horror film; Blood Vessel now screening online.

He was cast by Director Justin Dix in the pivotal role of the monstrous vampire,The Patriarch. Also staring Alyssa Sutherland (VIKINGS), Nathan Phillips (WOLF CREEK), Robert Taylor (THE MATRIX) and Christopher Kirby (DAYBREAKERS). Troy doesn’t hold back, delivering a truly terrifying performance that won’t soon be forgotten.

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Troy would spend up to 8 hours a day in the makeup chair to become the vampire we see on screen. He recently had this to say about his experience and about the team of artists that helped create the monster:

"Without a doubt the most challenging role I have ever been gifted with. Two months of preparation including Romanian language and dialect study, major physical and vocal augmentation, ancient European folklore study, life casting of hands, teeth, full head and upper torso. Also costume and makeup tests, stunt training and more.

But you can’t make a monster alone. This vampire took a team of world class artists to bring it to the screen. I am eternally grateful to everyone who put their heart and soul and their craft into bringing this creature to life.

Thank you to my friend and director Justin Dix who dreamed this complex beast into existence. His guidance and trust were the greatest gifts. He gave me the freedom and space to explore, build and refine this character, to create something exciting and unique that we both loved. As an actor you couldn’t ask for anything more. I’ll never forget the two of us in the studio workshopping the character. Two demented children scurrying around, snarling, hissing, scowling, baring our fangs and perfecting our echolocation skills, all in a wild and madcap attempt to bring our imaginations to life. (I would also send JD videos of things I was trying out, I still have one on my phone entitled “THE LAUGH OF PURE EVIL”... He approved this one). Thank you to my inimitable team of SFX makeup artists. The Monster Master, Luke Polti, whose wild mind and deft hand sculpted the creature itself. A disciplined, hardworking, passionate and highly skilled artist. Any actor is truly blessed and lucky to sit in his makeup chair. During my portion of the shoot the two of us would often be first on set, and there is no better person I know to share a cup of Blend 43, sitting quietly in the pre-dawn makeup studio quietly contemplating the day of madness ahead. Not just a colleague but a true friend.

Tristan Lucas, my right (and left) hand man! Keeper of the claws! The bloke is a meticulous craftsman and fine detail artist. The vampire I played had elongated fingers with 3 inch claws. Tristan would painstakingly apply all ten, not just every morning but every time I needed to go to the toilet throughout the day (!) The man had intimate knowledge of my bathroom schedule, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Also he was swiftly adept at keeping my fanged gob chockers with fake blood for all my bitey scenes. (The dude also has impeccable taste in films, music, tattoos and moustache wax!)

The eminent Camilla Bassi, my monster mother. This woman is such a dedicated, diligent and dangerously talented artist. I literally could not have done this without her. The word grateful doesn’t even cut it. Along with being a supremely skilled SFX makeup artist, she is kind, compassionate and caring. She kept me safe and looked after me for our whole time together. When I was in full make up and costume my vision, hearing and movement was extremely limited and Camilla literally became these senses for me, guiding me in and out of transport vehicles and most importantly along gangways, under gantries and down deep into the guts of the ship we were shooting on. Every minute I was on set, she was never more than a few feet away. In between scenes she would ensure I was comfortable and would even feed me (!!!) as the prosthetic makeup on my hands, head, face and upper torso didn’t come off till the end of the day. She also took extremely good care of my most valuable physical asset... My eyes. Part of the make-up included wearing full sclera contact lenses, which not only cover the iris but the whites of the eyes as well. Because of the prosthesis on my hands I had to trust Camilla to insert the lenses, carefully sliding them back over my eyeball then back down to cover the front of the eye. This process can be extraordinarily uncomfortable and highly anxiety inducing and because of my fussing and flinching would sometimes take up to ten minutes per eye to achieve. But with the sturdy and agile hand of a master surgeon, nerves of steel and infinite patience Camilla would not only get them in but like clockwork administer eyedrops every fifteen minutes while I was wearing them. This woman is truly heaven sent.

Thank you to Liz Sharp, my dear friend and living legend of the makeup industry. Liz headed the makeup crew on the production and although we didn’t work directly together on this project she was there for me late one night when my SFX makeup team was busy with another vampire. Liz did the entire removal herself and like the consummate professional she is, got me out in record time and did it with her trademark flair, humour, heart and lightness of energy. Liz is a true artist, a friend and confidante. Liz is always a dream. Thank you to Zed Dragojlovich and his team who designed and created my costumes. Clothes maketh the vamp and Zed’s designs and final creations were utter perfection.

Thank you to the very talented Jordan Prosser who co-wrote the screenplay. He crafted, on the page, a monstrous villain for me to play. With beautiful homage paid to the classic cinema monsters like Schreck’s Count Orlok in Mernau’s Nosferatu and even Lugosi’s Dracula spliced with the manipulative and terrifyingly fearsome beast created by Coppola and Oldman. Jordan also set a formidable challenge by writing a character that speaks only fluent Romanian.

Thank you to my friend of years, Ramona Telecican. When you gotta play a thousand year old Romanian vampire who only speaks Romanian, who ya gonna call? A wild-ass Romanian woman with a thousand year old soul, that’s who!And that’s why I called Ramona. Having to tackle a new language for a role is daunting on the verge of terrifying but Romona, as one of the 34 million people who speak the beautiful Balkan Romance language, was able to pick me up on some of the finer details. The last thing I wanted was to become “that hilarious Australian vampire comedian with the wacky accent” to the people of Romania, and I feel Ramona saved me from that fate (partly by having a good Bucharest chuckle at my first attempt). She let me know that the character’s dialogue was very shakespearian... That was the first time I thought, I could get a beat on this beast.

Thank you to my Brother From Another Mother, Dale Bamford. Sadly we did’t get to work together on this project, though Dale did help design and build my coffin (!). Dale and I have spent years by the fire, imagining monsters, demons, devils, ghosts, ghouls spectres, forest fae and phantasms. He is a lover of all creatures great and small and I can assure you a part of his brilliant spirit inspired and helped form the creature I play in this film.

Thank you to my good friend, the divine and supremely talented Vivian Perry, who played my vampiric other half in the film. The vampire she created was otherworldly and terrifying. She was able to capture the horrific, hypnotic, elegant and deadly dangerous essence of her character so perfectly. She created a role that she was able to disappear into, a character who’s insatiable thirst for blood was only matched by her murderous hunger for revenge. She scared people. Working with Viv is an absolute blessing. She gives everything to the role, to the scene, to her fellow actors. Her work is of the highest calibre and she was inspirational to me during the formative workshops for or characters.

Thank you to The Man, Nathan Phillips. A true friend who gave me the gift of belief. He believed it was possible to shoot a high-seas vampire war adventure film with all the trimmings for next to nothing. He believed it was possible to wrangle and focus a world class team of skilled professionals, cast and crew alike, to work tirelessly and diligently together for one goal. He believed that a wild Aussie genre pic could be loved and applauded by audiences around the world. He believed that a little bloke from the theatre could embody a monstrous fanged beast from beyond the grave. He believed in me. For this I am eternally grateful.

Thank you to ma bro Julian Costanzo. Julz was my cool, calm and collected Lord The Clock & Schedule. Getting into makeup and onto set was so incredibly time sensitive and Julian ran a tight ship (pun intended). Getting a film set to work on the clock in a timely fashion is probably one of the most stressful things I can think of but Julian commanded it with grace and good humour. All I knew was what time to arrive on set and Julz did the rest. He got me from makeup chair to set to lunch to set to makeup chair to hotel and repeat. I was precisely where I needed to be every second of the day. He’s a wizard.

Thank you to the unstoppable Judd Wild, my stunt coordinator. He is a solid gold legend of the industry. He flew me out of coffins, smashed glass in my head, shot me and set me on fire... and I reckon he’s totally boss. Such an absolute pro, even with a slow learner like me. I trust him with my life.

Thank you to the greatest cast mates!

Alyssa Sutherland, Nathan Phillips, Robert Taylor, Chris Kirby, Alex Cooke, John Lloyd Fillingham, Mark Diaco, Vivian Perry, Steve Young & Ruby Hall.

Despite the fact that most of you were trying to kill me and I in turn was doing my darnedest to rip your throats out, you lot are without a doubt the most wicked fang gang of coffin bangers a boat bound blood sucker could wish for.

I love you.

My love and eternal gratitude to every single person who helped heave BLOOD VESSEL into the water.

We made a totally rad film!"

Troy. 2020.